Princess Leia self portrait.

Lockdown has changed all of our lives in some way. I’m fortunate enough to be working from home so I still have that structure, but the lack of commute and not going out and doing something every weekend has meant there are more free hours to start new projects. At the beginning of May I decided to start drawing again, something I stopped doing years ago when I had a particularly harsh episode of self doubt and my inner critic told me to give up, which I dutifully did. I started practicing with different pens and techniques, sketching photos I…

First published here for Dluxe magazine.

A tweet by Hugh Laurie got me thinking. Here it is.

Imagine you’re famous now, a philanthropist, so famous you’re still remembered in a hundred years time. What do you do now that isn’t illegal and not yet deemed morally wrong by the majority, but where opposing views exist? Opposing views which could become mainstream in the future.

Do you eat meat? Use plastic? Drive and take international flights? All issues where opinion is in flux.

As Hugh mentions, the biggest example, I believe, will be eating meat. Numerous arguments already exist to stop…

It’s gay Pride season and I keep seeing the tone deaf and provocative “When is straight pride?” and “You’ve got equality, why do you still need Pride?” all over twitter. Plenty has been written on why we need Pride as a community. Even now, people are protesting that children shouldn’t learn about us, as if our very existence is offensive, while some politicians treat LGBT+ people as a problem to be solved or cured. Even now attitudes are turning against us. When your existence is constantly up for debate and your rights could depend on the whim of a polarised…

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to learn is to say

“I Don’t Know”.

Those three little words carry so much more emotional baggage for me than the word sorry ever has. Sorry is easy to say by comparison. To say sorry I have to overcome my pride and accept someone else’s point of view, the idea that something I did or said may have upset another person.

Admitting “I don’t know” means confronting a basket full of emotions it has taken most of my adult life to understand in myself. Saying I don’t know feels like an acceptance of failure, therefore it’s not only my pride that is hurt, but also that feeling…

In 2015 a good friend killed himself. I’ll call him John. He would have been fifty the following month. The previous year he applied for a job he didn’t want as a courtesy to the people who thought he would be the perfect candidate. They were right and he got the unwanted promotion, to start the new job in January 2015.The pressure of the unwanted job in an area he was unfamiliar with was instrumental in his mental breakdown. He admitted to having suicidal thoughts, of fantasising of hanging himself in the potting shed at the bottom of the garden…

I do wash my hands thereof in innocence

I sit on a bench at the top of the hill looking down over a sea of bracken. Rutting stags bellow across the park, ignoring me, but calling out challenges to each other. The oak trees that line the path up the hill all had their heads chopped off in remembrance of their murdered nine day Queen. Imagine having such an impact on the landscape hundreds of years after your death. I barely make an impact alive.

I‘ve been waiting for hours. He said to meet on the hill, at the largest oak tree in the park. The oak is…

Guy O’Harrison

Artist, writer, dreamer, potty mouth. Daisy Steiner is my spirit guide

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